Devotional Readidng: Psalm 47; Background Scripture: Zechariah 9:9; 10; Matthew 21: 1-11

Triumphant and Victorious– Jesus Christ–in every situation–all the time!

In last week’s lesson, we focused on Jesus Christ as the Lamb being worthy of our worship God has given all power and authority to His Son, and He indeed is worthy of our praise. As the song writer says, “Every praise to our God”. By his death, He redeemed us and by his resurrection, he is the manifestation of the complete power of God.

In this lesson, we are looking at the events leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. Zechariah foretold what was to come, and Matthew laid out the explicit details. Crowds were cheering and shouting words of praise as Jesus entered Jerusalem. Yet, how quickly the accolades turned to scorn. But wait, let’s back up a few verses. Jesus sent his disciples into the city to get a donkey. A donkey is considered a lowly animal, but also an animal of peace. Surely if the long awaited king was coming to town, he would ride in on a large horse. Not so–Jesus is the king of peace, love, gentleness, long suffering, and so much more. However as the scripture reads, the disciples did not hesitate, they did exactly what Jesus instructed them to do. What about you? When Jesus instructs you to do something, do you have a hard time doing it right away, why or why not?

Jesus was the complete essence of humility. In what ways can you aply this character trait in your life?

If Christ rode into Charlotte, and down Milton Road, what words of praise would you shout? What can yu do to take this message to your community? Jesus Christ is worthy of praise. Welcome Him into your life today.


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