Divine Intervention, Restoration, Compassion, and Justice–July 22, 2012

Hello Bloggers,

It’s been quite a while, but I’ve been waiting on responses from you.  We certainly had a dynamic Church School lesson today.  On the surface, it seemed like it was going to be about a lady who abandoned all of her possessions and left town.  She returned seven later and found that she had to request to get her possessions returned.  As I said, on the surface it may have appeared that way.  Our lesson was based on the 8th Chapter of II Kings, and we really got deep into the scripture.  This was truly a lesson about how God can restore us.  The lesson prompted us to identiify ways in which others can see Jesus’ light in us.  During our discussion, we were motivated to talk about how we can reach out to others in need, and to no longer hold on to the mantra of “God knows what I do”.  Sometimes you really have to be bold for Jesus.   When was a time when you knew it was the hand of God that turned your situation around?   I would love to read your comments.  Remember, I am waiting!