Scripture Reference: John 2:1-12

If you were not in Sunday School today, well… just let me say that in the Senior Adult class, the annointing fell fresh on Rev. Riggins. Since there are so many powerful truths in this particular passage of scripture, I have to believe that all other classes were equally blessed, as well.  Some might think this passage is simply about Jesus being at a wedding, and the bride’s father running out of wine.  This passage is much, much deeper.  In the Senior Adult class, the discussion reached such a peak that Rev. Riggins began pacing across the front of the room.  Some members thought we were trying to re-write scripture, others cautioned us to not portray Jesus as some type of magician, while others wanted to “say” that Jesus “spoke it” and the water turned to wine.  Now even though we initially had different opinions, that’s all they were——-opinions.  Rev. Riggins took the class deep———she took us to Sunday School, and in turn, led all of us to a new level of understanding.

Even in our misguided state, all of agreed that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that He indeed, performs miracles.  He performed them over 2000 years ago, and He is performing them now.  If each of us looks over one shoulder and visualizes what we used to be, we can say without a doubt that Jesus Christ has performed a miracle in our lives.  Rev. Riggins led us through the process of “This is what I know, and this is all I know.

What are your thoughts on this lesson?  When was a time in your life when you tried to bring Jesus into a situation, and it was not His time to intervene?  When Jesus’ mother told him that all the wine was gone, He said, His time “had not come.”  Then His mother told the disciples to do what He said.  Think of a time when someone told you to simply do “what Jesus said to do?”  How did things turn out for you?  Finally, the water pots, although not designated for this purpose, were available to be used by Jesus.  In thinking about your own life, what are some of your possessions that need to be available for use in the service of Jesus Christ?

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Scripture Reference: Proverbs 8

The Bible has a lot to say about wisdom.  First, true  wisdom can not be divorced from faith.  Second, although wisdom is related to knowledge, it is not the same thing.  Third, wisdom is the just and righteous use of  knowledge.

In what ways do you see God’s eternal wisdom at work, within your family, within the plan of salvation?

When you view creation, what feelings do you have and why?

In what areas do you need to listen more to God, and thus gain godly wisdom?

What do you do to seek wisdom from God? What should you do?