Who is  this Jesus? What has He done?    Hello Bloggers, where are you?  The first two questions were the introduction to our Sunday School lesson on Palm Sunday.  If at no other time during the year, this is the time when you should have an answer readily available.  Who is Jesus to you and what has He done for you?  These two questions demand an individual response.  If we go back and read the 18th and 19 chapters of John, we can understand the drama which was played out according to Gods plan.  Jesus foretold His own death; yet, Pilate and the Jewish leaders still did not understand who Jesus was and what He had really done for for them.   Let us not repeat the same mistakes which were made more than 2000 years ago.  Do you really know Him and Can you tell someone what He has done for you?

I am waiting for you to join me in dialogue.  Let all of the believers say so!