Devotional Reading:  Titus 3: 1-7; Study Scripture 2  Thessalonians 2:


What could be better than knowing that “The Lord Will Triumph” .  This statement is all we need.  What are your thought when you read the above referenced statement?

  • Are you a unshaken believer?
  • What are soome safeguards we can use in our church to help people avoid being deceived by false teachers?
  • What are some consequences of failing to discern satanic activities?

Stop for a moment and read Romans 8:28.  How have you seen the promise of this scripture fulfilled in troubling situations in your life?


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Scripture  Reference:  Devotional Reading–John 15:1-7, Lesson Scripture:  Acts 2:1-16

The entire experience that  happened, in the passage of scripture in Acts, was unexpected by those in the room.  Reflect on ways that God has worked unexpectedly in your life.  How did this work of God strengthen your faith?

In the text, we find  individuals from “every nation under heaven”. What does this say to you about the far reaches of God’s word?

How do you respond when you reccognize someone under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

At the end of our text, Peter stood up to address the crowd.  When was the last time you stood up to do something for God?  How did it turn out?

In this lesson, God used extraordinary means to accomplish his purpose.  Summarize the extraordinary events and discuss why they are important to you.

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