Devotional Reading–I Cor. 15:12-20; Background Scripture–Hosea 6:1-3; Luke 24:1-12

The Third Day–Think about that for a moment. What if when trials, destruction, suffering, and devastation explodes into our lives, we sit quietly and remember “the third day” rather rather than allowing worry and angst to over take us. How much different would our lives be? Scripture tells us that one day is like a thousand days to God, so when we think of waiting, it may seem like a lifetime to us, but to God, it’s only three days.

Realizing that Jesus was the resurrected savior was an immediate blessing to the women as well as the disciples. How does knowing that Jesus lives affect your life? As a result of His resurrection, what blessings are available to you?

When the women relized Jesus was alive, they ran to tell others. Whaat have you done or what do you do to let others know that Jesus Lives?

Because Jesus rose on the third day, we can triump, we have hope, and we are delivered. Share your comments.


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