March 31, 2013: JESUS LIVES!

Scripture Reference:  Luke 24:13-21, 28-35

Jesus Lives!  Whatever the sadness, the circumstance, or the situation—Jesus Lives.  This one fact lets us know that all hope has not died.  Previously, the disciples were in the depths of despair.   They had witnessed the violent and painful death of their friend, their teacher, and their Savior.  They believed that all hope was gone.  BUT!!!!    That was not the end of the story.  Hope was —is—and always wil be.   Our lesson today begins with two of the disciples walking down the road to Emmaus.  During this walk, the discipes were discussisng the earlier events  of the day, i.e., Mary Magdalene and a group of women had visited the tomb where Jesus was buried and after encountering two angels,  found the tomb empty.  Peter, who received a report from the women, went to check, and he also found the tomb empty.  The discipes were talking freely about all of the recent events, including Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the arrest and trials of Jesus as well as his cruxifiction and the reports of the empty tomb.

When was the last time you disussed Jesus with a group of your friends?

The disciples were engrossed in a very intense discussion and unaware of the fact that Jesus had joined them.  Isn’t this what we do sometimes.? We get soo caught up in our situations, or our saddness, and we don’t even notice that Jesus is with us.  Not only were ethe disciples unawae of exactly when Jesus joined them on their walk, they also did not recognize him.  The scripture says, “…but thy were kept from recognizing him”.  This reference is extremely powerful.  How often do we not recognize the presence of God in our circumstances?  The use of the words “kept from” suggest that divine intervention will make all things visible at the proper time.  However, sometimes we allow what we see with our physical eyes cloud the view of our spiritual eyes and as a result–we block God’s blessings

When Jesus asked the disciples what they were discussing, he was not seeking information.  He was asking as a means of starting a conversation.  If Jesus visited you today or this week, what would he most likely find you discussing?  In their comments to Jesus, the disciples talked about their lost hope,because  initially, they didn’t realize that something much better was in store for them.    When was a time when your dashed hope eventually resulted in something unexpected and ultimately better?

After reading this passage of scripture, what new revelation did you get about Jesus? or–What beliefs about Jesus have been validated?   The disciples realized they had been on a walk with Jesus, what about you?

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