You have stepped into the 21st century in our Sunday School program.  We are indeed Christians In Action, and we definitely want to share the good news with you.  Our great God is doing great things and it does not yet appear all that He will do.    Before getting started, there are just a couple of ground rules.  First, this blog is only used to uplift the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Second, since all comments will uplift the kingdom of God, we ask you to include your name.  Third, this is a teaching and learning venue–let’s be respectful of each other.  Remember there are no silly questions, if you don’t understand the lesson or are struggling with your faith.  Now, let’s prepare to discuss the lesson:


  • As you and your family study this lesson, discuss some ways that the birth of Christ demonstrates God’s faithfulness to His promises
  • Identify anything you find surprising about the birth of Christ
  • Reflect on Mary’s stirring offering of praise–share with your family the last time you offered a heartfelt praise to God

Have you ever waited a long time for something that was promised to you?  What about as a child, do you remember a time when a promise made to you was fulfilled in an unexpected way?  What about this, has there been a time when you expected something to come to you in one way; yet, it came to you in another way?  Well, make a commitment to join us in Sunday School in 2012.  The Bible is filled with situations where God kept His promises in unexpected ways and He provided blessings at unexpected times.  The Christmas season is always a time for us to refect on how God fulfills His promises in unexpected ways and at unexpected times

As you read and discuss the lesson, do you you see how easy it was for Mary to replace her fear with faith.  What about you?  What situations have you faced that required you to replace fear with faith (Be as specific as you want to be.  This is a safe place)  Mary was a great role model, what kind of role model are you?  What are you doing for and with God that others will want to copy?

FINALLY:  What do we gain by retelling the Christmas story?

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!  Join me on December 25th @ 8:45 am as we step into the 21st century by  communicating with each other through the blog. Please post your comments and your questions.  Remember: Sign your name to your comment or question.  Enjoy your Holiday and remember: Celebrate Jesus–It is His birthday

Lord, we are thankful that you remember your promises and are faithful to them.  Please teach us to be patient as we wait for you to work out your perfect plan in our lives.  Thank you for your loving care.  It is so!